Monday, 1 January 2007

O primeiro post do ano!

Não tenho nada de especial para dizer, a não ser desejar um Feliz ano novo!
Deixo-vos com uma música dos Gift que me ficou no ouvido desde ontem quando tive a ouvir a emissão da Comercial, do CCB.
Tive a ouvir aos saltos e aos pulos a cantar feita doida, mas isso são aqueles pormenores que não interessam...


Remembering?? A short piece of my life.
77 was the year, where everything starts, stop.
I Lived on the top of the street in a building full of green, Field?
Was not that screen. Scream?
To call my best friend, that lived on the other side, TV off, Computers on?
Bye bye – we found outside a club,
where boys can be boys, like old times No girls at all?
– All the time I was in school,
we change our friends, we change our clothes we kiss the girls because we need to,
it’s an ego of a normal boy…But why at that time,
it was strange not to look or act like a normal guy,
songs were made to make me cry,
and we can meet The Smiths at any time of our lives,
cause songs will help you every time, just try to wake up one day rewind,
we were only 17, and then did you wait for the lonely time just to say like a normal guy,
HI my bed its empty, you want to try? And after? We grow as normal nature.
And we still believe that if we try THE BAND can save your life.
Life can be such an easy thing,
just think the kid you were before - Creep was like a bomb.
Share the songs with a friend, he will know your thoughts,
he knows your songs, he brings the light you wish, you need to,
it’s the cure to your lonely time.
As you want to, he’s a Jesus in a genius way.
You need a girl with the same light.
A lie, at that time it was just a way to put us by the same side,
we were more then 17. At that time a lie means a sacrifice,
everybody knows why, but we were only…
Again and again out of time, I know why we will say good bye,
everybody knows why and we were almost 21, and then, older now,
still you wait for a lonely time, just to say to a normal guy???
My bed still empty, please let’s try.

Para mim a música começa na parte do pianinho, a seguir ao "27 years old..."

Feliz ano novo!!!!

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[catarina]* said...

musica muito boa

bom 2007!!