Sunday, 17 December 2006

Mais um...

Depois do Fácil de Entender no Sapo, decidi criar um novo blog, mais uma vez, com o nome de uma música dos Gift!

Desta vez a música escolhida foi:

Nice And Sweet

You said “– I wanna to die for you”…
You cry and I’m repeating all the stories again.
You’re standing there for so long,
and it’s so hard, that I finally found, it’s heaven in your eyes.
Innocence? Why? Why we survive?
It’s you, and you three million ways to make noise (to make me smile…)
You really don’t know, you really don’t see, you really got a light I’ll find you…
Because you are a nice and sweet boy and, I wrote this song just for yourself.
And you have a nice and sweet girl.
You are a nice and sweet boy, I wrote this song just for yourself…
Just say you can lie, dissolving all the truth of your love…
but you can’t say no, you try to, and I try to be around you…
Substitute your only trouble by a bottle full of water just to prove this love about you…
if someone ever found her, put a sign inside you – “There’s only one love.
It’s only one love, and it’s only your love.

Espero actualizar mais vezes do que as que actualizava no Fácil de Entender


Nice and Sweet

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